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We are a creative agency based in Barcelona that focuses on branding and advertising. We specialize in building brands through design, film, and motion.

We develop fresh, creative, and eye-catching solutions to meet the needs of each brand personality. We match every project with a unique style.

We believe in an innovative way of working, always looking for new ways to communicate strong messages, reach targets, and achieve our client goals.

In short, our prime goal is to make sure not to leave your
audience indifferent.


  • CGI
  • FILM
  • Strategy rocks
    At ThreeTen we absorb the brand information, understand its context, and work on the objectives to translate it into concepts, messages and attractive visual solutions that generate the desired reaction in the target of our clients
  • Branding all in one
    At ThreeTen we know that building a brand image depends on all those points where it touches the audience — an advertisement, a social media post, or a point of sale. That is why we focus our work on a holistic approach. Whether we are developing a single piece or (where we are more specialized) building a complete campaign across all platforms, our approach remains the same.
  • Always learning
    We believe that to differentiate a brand; one has to speak a different language. At ThreeTen, we bet on research and learning to generate new ways of connecting with people. Although our experiments often seem to lead nowhere, they often serve as the basis for the rebirth of a brand.
  • Client is the team
    Although we find the freedom of movement indispensable, we like to involve the client in the creative process. The confidence we generate when converting the client into one of the team is vital for any project. Because in short, the client knows their brand the best.
  • Little giants
    ThreeTen is a team that expands and contracts with projects. It is as big and as small as the project needs. It is a unique tandem surrounded by a large group of collaborators ready to take on any challenge.
  • Always a step further
    The good thing about being restless perfectionists is that we are continuously pushing the limits. We always have a proposal, an alternative, or an idea that takes the project that one step further.
  • To play or not to be
    In addition to believing in strategy, we are fervent advocates of play as a catalyst for new ideas. Play frees, opens the mind, helps to see things differently. We know from experience that it is ‘play’ that creates the best campaigns.
  • Every brand a style
    Brands have their own personality and character, just like people. In each project we define a language, a tone and a style that distinguishes them. That is why we work with different techniques (illustration, CGI, photography, graphic design, etc.) to provide bespoke solutions for each project.


G. Singh
  • info
    Siddharth Singh is a designer, 3D generalist, artist and filmmaker. He graduated in Film and Video Communication and has a Master in Branding and Packaging and a Postgraduate in Design Management.

    He obsesses over philosophy, queer theory, and pop culture.

    When not working, you’ll probably find him working.
  • info
    Roger Ruppmann is a concept developer, art director, graphic and audiovisual designer. He graduated in Advertising and PR a long time ago. He continues to learn design and communication through working for clients on a wide range of projects. His experience also fuels his artistic expression under the name of TocToc.

    He is an obsessive reader of comic books and a farming apprentice. He has built a small garden to occasionally keep his feet on the ground and has fathered two children to continue playing after work.


If you have a business idea, an interesting project that you wish to share, if you wish to promote a product or give your brand a push, get in touch with us. We would love to talk with you. By phone, online or in person, we are always open to hearing form you.
+34 932 538 023

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