Art direction
Motion Design
Broadcast design

VH1 Show Bumpers

Visual Jam

As part of their channel refresh, VH1 India commissioned fresh bumpers for four of their musical blocks. With each block representing different genres of music, we had to opportunity to create four pieces with varied styles and techniques.

VH1 Mint

VH1 Mint plays the latest popular tracks. We interpreted the idea of fresh music by creating a surreal world representing the sensation of enjoying music. Thus emerged a show opener with effervescent imagery merging the tangible and the abstract.

VH1 Friyay

VH1 Friyay plays foot tapping tracks for a fun party night. To translate this into visuals, we bet on neon. An element to define partying and Friday. A series of neon elements placed in empty urban spaces, where everyone is already in a party having the time of their life.

VH1 Certified

VH1 Certified plays certified hits. We represented this with a series of abstract vignettes with a centerpiece related to music, representing the gold standard in music.

VH1 Man crush

VH1 Man Crush Monday plays tracks by popular male artists. Synthesizing the ideas of idol worship, greek gods and the assembly line, we created a crush factory with the heartthrob music god at the center. Listen, Love, Like on the production line.